Friday, January 30, 2009

Stuffed Beyond Belief

I just got back from Boston where I had been to a Chinese New Year celebration dinner thingie. And I am now completely stuffed beyond belief, but everything was so GOOD! I just couldn't resist any of the food. Most of it was seafood, so I don't think anything was really too terrible to eat, although I know that I ate more rice than I needed to. Anyway, the most remarkable thing is that I got through the entire scary social encounter without a single cocktail. Let me repeat this. Me. Social encounter. Conversation. Interacting with people. NO ALCOHOL. This is highly unusual, I'm rather surprised that I managed to pull it off, frankly. But I did manage and lived to tell the tale. Imagine.


J said...

From all the seafood protein, I lost 2 pounds this morning. Even after all that food.

J said...
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deborah said...

I was up 1 #. But it might have been from the salt (I had a lot of that soy sauce, it was just too good). btw, JoeB was right. I got out of the parking garage by reinserting my CC. TG.