Thursday, January 08, 2009

Observations from a Day

• Walking from the garage to work in a blowy snow flurry, woman ahead of me is attempting to use an umbrella, even though the little bit of snow that is actually in the air is flying sideways.
• Coming into the building at work, another woman ahead of me in tippy-tappy heels stops at the card reader and just looks behind at me expectantly. After a beat, I swipe MY card and she goes waltzing in without having said one word to me. (I mutter under my breath, “You’re welcome”.)
• People who like to make you feel self-conscious about not arriving to work at 7 AM like they do must be stopped.
• After a disagreement yesterday with an engineer over what was REALLY wrong with a customer’s application, it turns out that I was RIGHT. (Gotta love that).
• Blow hard, self-congratulatory, meeting hijack guy makes me feel surly and defensive in every meeting I attend with him.
• Again there is a string of unoccupied treadmills at the gym, yet someone decides that the one right next to the one that I’m currently using is the perfect choice.
• 2 PM is a great time to go to the company gym, especially in January.
• Running 2 miles of intervals right before my personal training session makes the workout tougher, but I feel great about it afterwards anyway.
• It amazes me how many women stop in the Ladies Room on their way out the door for the day for extensive make-up touching up.
• Dogs are crazed lunatics when left for 10 hours and will drive you insane when you get home and want to try and relax. (Luckily that doesn’t happen too often).
• I'm starting to wish that I hadn't made the "no alcohol" rule, goal, resolution, whatever because a nice, big, cold glass of chardonnay sure would hit the spot right about now.
• Thankful for being able to work from home on Friday!

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