Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Run

I went out for another mid-day run today and found it incredibly hot & humid. Especially humid. I believe that we’re due for some thunderstorms later today. Anyway, I wasn’t much in the mood for running at all and I was even slightly depressed when I started (really, I was just a little overwhelmed by a new project that I’m being sucked into). I felt extremely heavy and ungainly and unable to move myself very effectively. I decided to keep it as easy as possible and so I saved most of the running for the trail parts, most of which are in the woods and out of the sun. I walked more on these sections than I normally do, but I did still manage a fair proportion of running. All-in-all, I covered about 2.5 miles, give or take.

Toadstool Alert:

At one point during the run, I came across a bunch of very large, bright orange toadstools. That was new.

Other People:

I went out later than usual today (and let me tell you, 12:30 PM is NOT the time of day to go out when it’s hot like it is today). And of course I saw a lot of people out and about. On my way out to the trails I passed a soccer game underway and on my way back I passed a softball game and a volleyball game, no one was playing basketball however, and I couldn’t see as far as the tennis courts. I certainly have no desire to participate in any of these activities (I’m happy enough with my running routes, thank you), but I think it’s lovely that it’s available for people who do. I did see a few people out on the fire road and on the service road behind the campus. But then I was finishing up the backend of one of my favorite trails and encountered a couple of casual walkers complete in business attire. GAH! My sanctuary has been breached by oxford shirts and Dockers! Stay off my trails and stick to the walkways! I got back to the gym and the locker room was PACKED with women. I really dislike dealing with the locker room even in the best of circumstances, but it was so crowded and I was hot and not cooling down any time soon, and there were at least a couple of blow dryers going too – UGH! Misery.

Anyway, overall it was not my best or happiest effort. But I have to say I did feel much better after it was all done and my little depression was pretty much gone too. Running is the best stress reliever that I know of. Even a bad run will make you feel great afterwards.

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