Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boredom can be dangerous

I did a weird thing over the weekend. I was kind of bored and was doing some internet surfing and decided to go browse the site. Used to be you could browse ads in your zipcode without committing yourself to a membership, but it appears they've changed their policies and you have to now give them an email address to get onto their site. In addition to that, they apparently no longer accept free internet email addresses (such as Yahoo or Gmail or whatever) and there is no way I'm registering with with my work address, so I gave up on that. So next I went to EHarmony which allowed me to register with a Gmail address and took me immediately to this involved and very long questionaire. I shrugged my shoulders figuring I had nothing better to do and filled it out. Well. Since I did all this, my inbox has been flooded with matches and requests for communication and I haven't even joined the stupid program! So now I'm stuck with not really knowing what I want to do. I was thinking of maybe joining Match or EHarmony once I got closer to my weight loss goals, but I really don't think I'm quite ready yet. But in the meantime I'm receiving all these general profiles and requests for communication from men and since I'm not a member, I can't even respond or see their pictures or read anything beyond the most generic general canned profile descriptions. But I'm not ready to meet men! ACK! I should have just done some internet shopping and over-spent on stuff that I don't need like I usually do when I'm bored. Sheesh.

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