Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Trail Run

I managed to get out and do another trail run today. It was hotter than yesterday, but the humidity still seemed to be relatively low, so I was pretty happy. My run was okay, I’m still a little frustrated with my slow progress, but running has always been this way for me, even when I was younger and weighed considerably less. It just takes a long time for me to get to a solid place where I can do good mileage and run with minimal or no walk-breaks. So I have to keep telling myself that I have to be patient. It’s almost becoming a mantra with me, with the weight loss too. Even though I’ve lost (to date) about 43 lbs, the last couple of weeks it seems to have slowed down to a crawl. Even though overall 43 lbs sounds great, I’m having trouble thinking past the last two weeks. I have to be patient, I have to be patient. It’s such a long, frustrating process ARGH!

Well anyway, the run went relatively well even considering my frustration. There was one trail section that I’ve done many times before. And always before I’ve had to take multiple walk breaks. Today I only needed two on this section. One break because I needed it and the other because there was a new fallen & rotted tree blocking the path. Both times the breaks were brief, so I was pretty happy with that and could feel that I’ve made progress. I felt that I also ran more on a more technical trail section too. I ran through some of the somewhat hilly and rocky pieces that in the past I would have walked through. Lastly, I did my lovely, short trail section where I had my “success” yesterday and, again, I was able to run the entire thing without stopping. This time it was after I had been running awhile, so by the time I got to the end I was gasping & gasping for air. If there had been a bench or something I would have sat myself down for a bit. I really felt that one. Anyway, after that I was pretty much done, so I walked the trail in reverse and headed on back. Overall I did about 3 miles, but about ½ a mile of that was a walking cool-down at the end.

The Un-Friendly Runner

I was surprised to see more runners out today than I expected to and I didn’t really enjoy that so much. One of the things that I find appealing about running (especially on trails) is the aloneness of it. I’ve never been one for team sports, I’m a classic introvert and running is just perfect for introspection and for challenging yourself, just for you and not worrying about what anyone else is doing. But runners tend to be a friendly sort, and most like to nod, or say “hi” or otherwise try to share the experience. I tend to be that unfriendly runner who wants to ignore your presence, I like to go on with the illusion that I’m out there alone. Most runners HATE people like me. If you stick around enough running message boards or discussion lists, you’ll come across a complaint about the “unfriendly” runner eventually. If I wanted to be nice and socialize I would play soccer or volleyball or something (either of which would instantly send me hurtling back through time to the most horrifying school flashbacks imaginable). Ironically, I used to love to run in Central Park in NYC and people watch while I did so. I just didn’t want to have to talk to or acknowledge any of the people there -- which is actually perfect behavior in NYC as nobody there expects anyone to say “hi” for Heavens sake. Yet anywhere else my anti-social running attitude makes me feel a little guilty, I guess I should just fake it (and sometimes I do), but I'd really just rather not see people while I'm out there.

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