Friday, July 11, 2008

Feeling MUCH Better!

I feel SOOOOOOOO much better this morning, closing in on almost normal, I'd say. Belly is still pretty sore and I'm really kind of scared to start peeling the bandages off, even though they told me that I could by now. I just don't think that I'm ready to see what's under them. But I took my first shower this morning (I just washed my hair in the sink yesterday) and I feel pretty clear-headed. I can take a deep breath without it hurting too much, but if I cough, that still hurts. Anyway, I think all the sleep I had Wednesday - Thursday and last night really helped. I still have to wear really loose clothing, because of the belly soreness, but a lot of the bloat seems to be gone now. The scale said that I am now only up about .5 lb from my pre-surgery weight, so it's getting there. Maybe I'll even try a walk later today.

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