Monday, July 21, 2008

I had a surprisingly good run ...

today. I wanted to try a run outside, since I did treadmill intervals yesterday. But, geez, was it murky and nasty out today. It took a lot of convincing, but I managed to get myself out there and I'm glad that I did. I ran about 2.5 of trail loop, one of the steeper trails that I do. I had to walk some of the steeper hills, but I was able to run more of it than I expected to be able to do. It was very humid, but I think the temps were lower than they were yesterday, so it was actually somewhat bearable. We've had so much heavy humidity around here lately that there are all kinds of crazy toadstools growing out in the woods. I mean, huge, bright red ones the size of salad plates, mushrooms of all kinds of strange shapes & colors & sizes. I almost felt like I should be running through Middle Earth or the Land of Oz or something. Bizarre. Anyway, it ended up being quite a nice run, very satisfying. And I was even happier to have gotten it done when the torrential rain started about an hour or so later.

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