Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It’s the day after my surgery and I haven’t had more than two or three hours of sleep in total. I thought that I was going to come home yesterday and just crash! And that I would then need long periods of sleep for the next 24 – 48 hours. Well, not so much, at least not so far. I wasn’t at all tired yesterday, I finally went to bed around 11 and just laid awake all night long. Finally at around 3 AM, I got up and came downstairs and put on a movie and just zoned out in the dark with the movie on. I think I finally dozed off sometime after 5 AM, but then was awake again by 7:30. WTF? The pain came on last night too. The incisions in my belly aren’t too bad, pretty sore and I want to be careful not to strain the area too much, but it’s not horrible. But the worst of the pain last night was where the actual surgery had occurred (where the gall bladder had been removed). The pain feels much like a very sharp side stitch that doesn’t go away (only in the area of my upper torso, sort of to the right, under the rib cage). But still, it’s a fraction of the pain I was experiencing when I was having one of those attacks that I had been suffering through. And even this morning that surgery pain doesn’t seem as bad as it was last night, so I’m hoping that that means it’s beginning to subside some. Lastly, I have sharp pain in my shoulders. The nurses at the hospital forewarned me about this (and I’m glad that they did, so at least I know what it is). When they do the laparoscopic surgery, they have to fill your abdomen with air so that they can see and move around, and it bloats you and the air that gets trapped can travel (oddly) to your shoulders and get stuck up there, causing pain. So I know what it is anyway, what I don’t know, however, is how long it should last! (Of course I forgot to ask). I mean, how long can you expect air to be trapped in your shoulders? It’s got to dissipate sometime. Lastly, I stepped on the scale this morning and I was up 4 lbs! From yesterday! I mean, I know it’s all fluid retention and bloat, but … GAH!

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