Monday, August 11, 2008

I Feel Good

I was surprisingly nervous for my first training session (since surgery) today. The appointment was scheduled for later in the day (usually I try to plan them for mid-day) because my trainer was not available earlier. And I ended up having a very busy day, so it was hard to get away early enough before the session to get in any kind of a real run. So I just jumped on the treadmill and did fifteen minutes of running intervals. I alternated: 1 minute walking / 1 minute running @ 6 MPH / 30 seconds running @ 6.5 MPH (rinse, repeat). It felt pretty good but I was also pretty well sweated up and out of breath when it was time to start the weights with the trainer. We did legs, biceps and abs and I was surprised to be able to do three sets of everything on the same weights that I had been up to about 5 or 6 weeks ago (of course the third sets got pretty damn hard, but I managed to get through them). So I was pretty happy with that. I was basically completely wiped out immediately afterwards though. I came home after my training session and logged back into work and finished up the workday, and then I got on the treadmill here at home and did another 15 minutes of running intervals, this time just alternating: 1 minute walking with 1 minute running (@ 6.0 MPH). Over all running mileage for today worked out to about 2.5. Oh, I also calibrated my pedometer while I was on the TM tonight and it looks like I'm getting 1895 steps to a mile. I'm not sure if that would ever vary if I have to walk more, or am able to run more (perhaps my stride would be longer running than walking? I don't really know), but this makes me think that I may have been under-estimating my mileage all this time (I've been figuring about 2,500 steps to the mile, since I'm short). Still, I think it's probably better to under-estimate it, than it is to over-estimate. Anyway, I feel great now! What a nice way to start off the week.

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