Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Workout of the Week

Today I had my second personal training session of the week and again "Nice Mike" had some new stuff for me to try, among them pushups (against a stabilizing "half ball" thingie) and tricep dips. The dips in particular were killer! I managed to make it through the workout okay though and with enough enegry left to go for a bit of a run.

I ran partially up the fire road, up the Beaver Path trail, along the access road and then up the long hill "short-cut" to the top of my hilly trail ("Northeast Loop" trail). Then down the lovely backside of Northeast Loop, and back down the fire road. I tacked on the "Swan Path" and then the cinder path beside the little duck pond behind the company building to round out the run. All together about 3 miles.

Workout Recap for the Week:

This has probably been the best workout week that I've had in many years, so I'm particularly proud of it, so I must recap!

3-mile run in Mine Falls park.
1.5 miles running intervals (treadmill)
Intense personal training session.
Spinning class
3-mile trail run
"Core / Spin" class
Spinning class
3.5 mile trail run
Personal training session
3-mile trail run
Rest Day!

I would like to keep up this schedule, however, this week may be a little off between Labor Day (the spinning studio is closed) and people visiting, and a dentist appointment mid-week, so some of the workouts might end up cut or changed. However, I did sign up for a spinning class for next Saturday, so hopefully that will help make up for other stuff I might miss. I would like to keep my momentum up as much as possible.

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