Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I had my third Spinning class of the week tonight and I am exhausted. Of course the fact that I had restless sleep all night, until about 4 AM when I was basically up for the day because sleep just wasn't happening certainly isn't helping my levels of exhaustion either. UGH. Anyway, the class was really good -- lots of heavy hill work, I had my water bottle completely drained only halfway through the class. But I made it through, so I have to be happy about that and I feel really great now, of course.

As I was driving home some good music came on the radio and there I was feeling pretty good about myself and I realized how much I used to enjoy driving in my car and liking myself, when some great song would come on -- I had totally forgotten that feeling, years of living in the city I had not felt in that particular way in a very long time. There are plenty of wonderful things about living in the city, and I certainly enjoyed my time there for years, but I had forgotten this one simple, silly pleasure and it was very nice to experience it again.

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