Monday, August 25, 2008

What a (Workout) Day!

Well, I think that I would say that "Nice Mike" is still pretty nice, but he DID try to kill me. There was one point during the workout where I had such jelly legs, that they were almost buckling under me. Anyway, I digress. I started the workout before my training session on the treadmill with 1.5 miles of running intervals. I alternated either 2 minutes of running at a 10 min mile pace or 1.5 mins of running at a 9:13 min mile pace with 1 minute walking at a 16 min mile pace. In hindsight, I'm not sure if maybe the running was a mistake as I continued to fling sweat all over the gym for my entire training session. Still, I'd have to say that I felt pretty great after it was all over. I happened to run into Mike in the cafeteria again after our session, right when I was checking out the pizza selection for today -- oops! That was enough to send me scurrying over to the deli and the salad section. (Hey, I was just looking!) After it all I was pretty much just a wet noodle for a while.

After work I had my first official spinning class of my new membership. There was a little confusion at the start as it turns out that I was the first alternate (#1 on the waiting list) where I thought that I was a definite for the class. But there ended up being some no-shows so I was able to do the class after all. Apparently, they are just starting a new session, so things are a little hectic, but they told me that it should all sort out after the dust settles. I am going to double-check with the reservations person, but they told me tonight that I am a definite for Tuesday & Wednesday classes this week though, so I'm committed to do those. Anyway, so the class was great! It kicked my butt as expected, but I was able to keep up, even though there were a few moments in the class where I had my doubts about my ability to continue to do so. After class I introduced myself to the instructor (as an aside, I'm glad that the different days have different instructors. I'll get a more well-rounded program that way). Anyway, she told me that I did extremely well and especially for this class as it was apparently one of her harder ones. Call me immature, but I feel a very childish satisfaction & pleasure from receiving such praise. heh. So a double (or even triple, if you want to separate the running intervals from the training session) workout day. I feel pretty great now, not even overly tired, at least not yet. I guess I probably got enough sleep over the weekend, going forward maybe Mondays are going to be good double workout days in general.

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