Friday, August 15, 2008

No Running Today

After yesterday’s dead leg session, I decided that maybe I should have a break from running. That worked out well for today as I had a personal training session scheduled anyway. I got to the gym a little bit early and got on the elliptical for twenty minutes. I found that ridiculously easy and kept having to bump up the level, until I reached Level 15. I also chose the “Hills” program, but I think I’m going to have to start trying some of the others, maybe I can find a more challenging one. And I’ll now be working at Level 15 or higher, I guess. Anyway, after the elliptical, I did the weights thing with the trainer. Today we did back/shoulders, triceps and some more abs. Man, are the triceps stuff hard work. And of course this is the area that needs the most work with me. I am determined that someday I will be able to wear sleeveless shirts! Surprisingly, I haven’t lost too much strength in the five or so weeks that I wasn’t able to train. For the most part I could do the same amount of weight, however there were a couple of the stations where I wasn’t able to do quite as many reps. Anyway, I’m encouraged that the little bit that I lost will come back quickly enough. I also purchased a new package of training sessions today, since I was pretty much at the end of the first set that I had bought. So now I’m committed to continuing with strength training, which is a very good thing.

I think I’ve been spoiling myself a bit too much with salon haircuts & highlights, pedicures and facials, because I looked at my calendar and was very disappointed to see that I didn’t have anything scheduled for this weekend. So, on a whim, I finally decided to give the massage place around the corner from my house a call. Now I have an appointment for tomorrow morning! It’s not all complete indulgence, I truly believe that regular massage can be very helpful towards keeping a runner injury-free. I had fully intended to add massage to my routine, once I felt that my running had gotten consistent enough. Not sure if I have quite the amount of consistency down that I had envisioned, but I’ve also been doing this since about April or early May, so I think it’s time regardless.

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