Monday, August 11, 2008

Personal Phone Calls

I'm not one who is much for personal phone calls at work. I'm not really a big phone talker anyway, but usually I have my cell phone with me, so if I have to call a doctor's office to make an appointment or something, I can just pick it up and step away for a minute to have a private conversation. Today I decided that, now that my gall bladder issues are resolved and in the past, I really had to make an appointment with the oral surgeon to finish the process with my dental implants (I need abutments placed on the implants and then my regular dentist can finish it all by putting crowns on top of that). Anyway, I forgot my phone today and so just called them from my desk phone. I realized half way through the call as I kept referring to the "implants" that I had done in January, that anyone hearing my half of the conversation on the other side of one of my cubicle walls, probably wouldn't automatically realize that I was talking about implants of the dental variety. ACK! Well, I guess I'll know who was snooping the next time I see one of my neighbors looking pointedly at my chest.

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