Sunday, August 10, 2008


So, it's a lazy Sunday and I've spent most of the day milling around. (Sleeping late, sitting out on my deck in the sun finishing my book, watching the dogs play outside, etc.) I've been wearing some running clothes around for about an hour or so now and finally got off the deck figuring that I would put my running shoes on and go drive to find a trail that I haven't run on before. So, I'm sitting here writing down directions to get to Mine Falls Trail in Nashua when I start hearing thunder rolling around outside. Again. A peek out the window and it is almost as dark as night! I was just outside in the blinding sun 5 minutes ago! WTF is going ON with the weather this Summer??? Sheesh! So I guess I'll wait around a bit and see what happens, maybe it will blow over. Or maybe it'll be a treadmill day for me. Whatever it ends up being, it's the start of my new training week and I have to do SOMETHING. I've been a bit lax about getting back on the training wagon since surgery and it's time to step it up. Tomorrow I see the trainer for the first time in about six weeks -- ACK!

Update: 2:55 PM

And now it's pouring down crazy rain. I suppose it could be worse, I could have been ON a trail somewhere, a couple of miles away from my car or something.

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