Friday, August 22, 2008

Personal Training ... and I'm an idiot

I had my second personal training session of the week today. I got to the gym a little early and warmed up on the Elliptical. When I was done with that, it suddenly occured to me that my appointment wasn't until 1 PM and not 11:30 AM like I had thought. We usually meet at 11:30, but Mike the Trainer was on a different shift today, so we had made a different appointment. Of course I would have realized this had I thought to look at my actual calendar, sheesh. Anyway, since I was working from home today, I went back home and then came back again later for my "real" appointment. What an idiot.

Today we did back, chest, triceps and abs. And Mike reminded me that we were going to be changing things up next week, so I asked him, "should I be scared?" and he said, "YES"! I was sort of kidding when I asked that, but I don't think that he was at all kidding when he answered. Apparently, all that we've been doing up until now has been a warm-up to get me to the place from where the REAL work can start. WHAT??? I think perhaps Nice Mike is suddenly not going to be so nice anymore.

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