Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool & Crisp

I’m having kind of a crazy week. Lots of various work and meetings and transitions and different stuff vying for my attention, so my schedule all week seems to keep shifting with meetings that get scheduled and then canceled and then scheduled again. So I’ve had to be fluid with my running plans. Today I didn’t get out there until 2 PM. I almost gave up even trying to make it work for today, but decided that I would be disappointed if I didn’t. And I’m sorry, but it’s just far too beautiful a day to be inside on a treadmill or something. So I went out and did the nice wooded Rookery Trail, and then over to the “Swamp” trail, which I hadn’t been on in a while and ended with a run up, and then back down the Beaver Path. It was all very nice and relaxed, but I sure did have trouble pushing myself to run for significant sections of the run, I think my body must be more tired than I had originally thought. For some reason, however, I found that I was able to run much more on the single track bits of the run. I think I am turning into solely a trail runner, it seems to be all I want to do these days. Anyway, another run down for the week. I’m doing much better than last week in that regard.

Oh! I almost forgot to add: mileage was about 3.5 for this run.

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