Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Spinning Wednesday

I had a spinning class tonight. Wednesday is one of the days where I am not definitively confirmed for class (there are 10 spinning bikes, but I am #11 or 12 on the list apparently). But they get cancellations or no-shows pretty much every time, so the instructor was relatively confident that I would usually get into the class. Anyway, I showed up today and saw that I was #9 on the list, so I knew that I was in. Not sure if that means I was #9 just for today's class or if there has been some shift and that is my position permanently for the class, but hopefully I will continue to be able to take it without issue. It works well with my schedule.

Anyway, whatever. Tonight we had a sub for the class. Lots of people hate it when the usual instructor isn't there, but I personally like it. Gives you the opportunity to try some new stuff, different instructors have different styles and emphasize different stuff. Sometimes a new instructor can make the class seem so much harder, if you've adapted to the style of your usual person. Anyway, this instructor liked jumps and lots of them, so it was good. She also liked to chat a lot during the class which I could have done without, but that wasn't too bad. After the class she made a point of approaching me to tell me that I did a really good job, so that was nice. I feel good now. A little sleepy, a little sore from training yesterday, but good.

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