Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Core Spin Tuesday

Why do I always forget how tough this class is? Maybe it's best not to remember, otherwise I might not be able to talk myself into going each week. Anyway, all of the core & Pilates work was done completely on the BOSU -- am I ever a spaz, it's freaking hard to stay on that damn thing. And then of course all the core stuff is a complete killer, as always. Additionally we did a ton of quad work. A TON of it. On top of all the quad work I did with "Nice Mike" yesterday. And the Spinning. And the running. And the riding. SHEESH. After the core / Pilates stuff we followed it with the Spinning section. For some reason I always think it's going to be "Spinning Lite" but it's just as tough as any regular Spinning class of course. So two workouts down for the day, I feel pretty good about that.

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