Monday, September 08, 2008

Workout Monday

Ahhhh, it always feels really good to start the week off with some good solid workouts. I had a personal training session this morning and it was pretty tough. He upped the weight on some of the stuff that I've been doing. We did legs, biceps and shoulders -- my legs were still pretty sore from riding on Saturday, so it made the workout extra tough, but everything feels pretty good now. Sore, but that "good" sore that lets you know you really did something.

Tonight I had a Spinning class and it was also pretty tough. It was the same instructor that I had on Saturday morning and I found her class tonight pretty much as hard as the Saturday class, but it felt so good once I was done.

It kind of annoys me though that there are regulars for this Monday class who don't show up and who never seem to even have the basic courtesy to call or email to cancel their spots. I start off every class not knowing if I am going to be ejected off of my bike. As it was, there ended up being three free bikes tonight (I took one of them) that according to their records, should have been filled. I just don't think it's very fair for people who are on the wait list (like I am) or for people who might want to drop into the class, but are told that it's unfortunately full. People suck.

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