Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am so pissed off and I have to vent! ARGH!

Okay. So, there is this guy in my group who likes to take over meetings, pontificate, muck around in areas that are the responsibility of others. Basically likes to throw his weight around and try to impress people with his (supposed) superior knowledge. Let’s just call him Arrogant, Self-Important Windbag. Okay, so I am on this project that involves this product that I don’t know very well and I am trying to learn what I can. I don’t have a huge, huge role, but one of the things that I am going to be responsible for is code migration. The migration is a lengthy and multi-step process and so I have been scheduling some one-on-one working meetings with the developer to ensure that my comfort level is as high as possible. So today we are on the cusp of starting our migrations to production (previous migrations had been to QA) and yesterday I suddenly received a meeting acceptance to the working session from this guy on Arrogant, Self-Important Windbag’s team. I emailed the guy about it and finally, with reservations, figured that he’s okay to attend. I’m concerned about covering everything that needs to be covered, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. And now this morning first thing I suddenly received an acceptance to the meeting from Arrogant, Self-Important Windbag HIMSELF! I am sooooooo pissed! This is MY meeting (who forwarded him the invite anyway???). I did not invite him! He’ll just take it over and we’ll never end up covering all of the practical stuff that we need to get to. He’ll just question everything we’re doing and tell us his own arrogant, self-important windbag opinion of how every little step should be done because he, after all, has knowledge superior to all of the rest of us combined. Oh did I mention that I have another meeting directly behind this one, so the working session cannot go over in time! I. AM. SO. MAD.

There. I wish I could say that the rant made me feel better, but I’m still steaming.

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